Hello...my name is Melanie and I'm a blazer-holic.

So I have a confession to make.. I love blazers.
I currently own 9 of them.. and I'm about to order 1 more to make it a perfect 10 haha. I guess this addiction is better than some other ones.. haha. I usually get my blazers from Urban Outfitters (where I worked for 2+ years during university and the discount definitely helped haha), H&M (where I worked briefly in the summer before I decided to come out west) and Forever 21. Lately, I've been pretty obsessed with the website Nasty Gal their selection of blazers are really fun and definitely make you stand out of the crowd. It's not hard to stand out where I live though.. because most people here do their shopping at Wal-Mart. Don't get me wrong the place is good for toiletries, groceries and other things.. but clothes are NOT acceptable haha. What do you think of my soon to be purchase? I keep looking at it.. so it must be done haha.

Notice one of them still has the price tag! haha

Probably my favourite one!

This is the blazer I'm getting.. I cannot wait!


  1. what's shipping like from nasty gal?

  2. I got a free shipping option when I checked out.. even though it was said that only the US got the free shipping.. so I picked that haha.. let's see if they will charge me the 15 dollar fee it should be for Canada


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