Que calor!

Latin and Spanish women are taking over Hollywood and have been for quite some time. My favorite of course are Mexican born Salma Hayek (who I fell in love with when she portrayed Frida.. if you haven`t seen that movie GO SEE IT!) Spanish Penelope Cruz ( who is basically amazing in every film... my particular favorites are Volver, Vanilla Sky and Vicky and Christina Barcelona) and Colombian Sofia Veregara from Modern Family. All 3 of these actresses are confident, beautiful and embrace their culture. They don`t try to hide where they came from which is refreshing. Although all these women are beautiful.. the most beautiful of them all has to be my own mother. She is also confident and is never ashamed of where she came from which is Mexico. VIVA LILY!



my beautiful mom

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  1. I support Latin women especially Sofia Vergera. (mad motorboat) - Jason p


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