Why bornlippy?

Welcome to my first post! Some of you may wonder why I chose the name "bornlippy". If you've known me for a long time then you can guess that it used to be my embarrassing email for longer than I want to admit it to be. Everyone has to say at one point or another you had some dumb email that you want to forget! Well that was my email haha..I've definitely heard way worse though.. But where did I come up with that name? Well my friends it is the name of my favorite lip balm of all time from the Body Shop, for years I was faithful to this wonderful balm and I highly suggest you try it.. it smells so good that you'll want to eat it.. but don't it's probably not that good for you (dramz) Bornlippy also worked quite well with my personality. If  I want to say something I'm going to say it and sometimes that got me in trouble  but hopefully with the start of this blog you'll see it as a good thing!

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