carrying on items into fall.

carrying on items into fall.
tube scarf- H&M $13, lacey crop top- mod cloth- $48, chinos-topshop $73, black blazer- romwe- $73, animal print loafers- prada $805, bag- michael kors- $145

So I`m at work and working very hard on some invoices and catching up on some filing and so on.. and decided to dream of a nice little outfit. Here is the result! I love every single item in this set.. thank goodness for Polyvore! Although a few of these items are a little pricey for my liking.. cough cough... the amazing Prada loafers if you`ve read in a previous post.. Aldo has almost identical ones for about $90. In true chola fashion.. I`m waiting for those babies to go on SALE!  Anyways, I`m a true believer that you can wear spring/summer items into the fall and even winter. Chinos for example are great if worn correctly, and white at least in my opinion is acceptable after labour day haha. I got my favourite chinos from H&M for $9.95 minus my employee discount.. they were amazing! so you can definitely find similar items for much cheaper.
If I were to wear these loafers around Edson, Alberta I think I'd get shot at for thinking its some moving animal. Everyone here is so obsessed with hunting.. it's so scary. Anyways, I'm going to do it regardless of the danger ... wish me luck haha.
I'm going into the city this weekend..(thank goodness) and I'm hoping to stock up on some vintage items such as a chunky sweater and some costume jewelry. I'll post pics of my findings!

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  1. Love those flats! Prada has the key to my heart.


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