If I were to go out this weekend..

If I were to go out this weekend I would wear this in a heartbeat.. but the reality is.. I will not because of this town, pretty soon I have to make a post about the places here.. then some of you shall feel my pain haha. The countdown to home and vacation is on! December 23rd is far away :( haha

Going out
The only splurge here would be the J. Brand Jeans at around $350 ouch I know.. but the steal would have to be the Aldo bracelets at $11


  1. i promise im not a stalker adam told me you have a blog as well and i got so excited i had to take a peek! i have one too love yours i am becoming a follower....xxx

  2. hahahaha omg funny thing is.. David has shown me your blog in the past and I love it! but I was too shy to say anything!! probably in fear of being creepy haha yay! I'm going to be a follower too :) xo p.s I'm going to barbados for new years I'm so excited! xo


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