Guest Blogger Post: Ms. Ally Lewis.

I was asked by the lovely Ally Lewis to guest blog for her and I thought it was a great idea so I asked for her to do the same for me! I have not sent her my outfit post since I've been so busy this week.. but by the end of today she will definitely have it! PROMISE!

Ally and I have a funny connection, her boyfriend and my boyfriend are good friends from Barbados and my boyfriend's little brother is dating her little sister! ha ha and we both happen to love blogging so it is great! I'm sure we will see each other in Barbados over the holidays so we can actually finally meet! xo

Check out her blog which I frequent daily at: the ruffled lace


pretty pretty girl
toggle coat: forever 21, sweater & wrist warmers: H&M, leggings: Lululemon, riding boots: Joe Fresh (amazing), bag: vintage Le Sabbi, watch: Michael Kors, bracelet: Tiffany&Co


  1. thanks so much mel! can't wait to do a post on you!! xxx

  2. cute outfit, I love the jacket :)


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