happy friday outfit post

buenos tardes!

thank goodness its Friday.. I thought it would never come! So by popular demand  I have done another outfit post! I'm going to try to do one at least twice a week so hopefully it will work out. Most of the clothes I'm wearing are a little old but I'm sure if you go on the sites you can find great alternatives! I put a few of the stuff thats new-ish.
Have an amazing weekend full of turkey and gravy and pumpkin pie mmmmm .. I'm going to attempt to make my own dinner this weekend so we shall see how it will work out.. dinner is not usually my expertise (dramz).. I'm all about the baking!  xo

blazer, shorts- H&M

circle scarf- H&M

big bracelet- gift from my mom from Spain, other bracelets- Tiffanys and Pandora

heels, top and purse all Urban Outfitters

tights- Joe Fresh $5 dollars people! the best tights ever!

this was after my lil photo shoot... I was cold so I put my hunters back on haha

David is going to kill me for this.. but this is him carrying my heels back haha he's so pissed.


  1. Love your shorts!
    Dave looks funny heh

  2. You're so cute!

    ps I will share with you my blog that no one on fb really knows about hahaha! http://kaitsouch.com/blog :) yay

  3. I love your shorts and your blazer is fab! Keep up the outfit posts!!


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