longtime friends

Sorry I haven't been posting as frequently as I usually do.. I've been quite busy working two jobs! A few days ago I asked my beautiful amazingly tall model friend Lauren to take some pictures for my blog and here they are! Yup.. I have hot model friends! It's funny, Lauren and I have known each other and have been friends since we were babies (our moms are friends) and I must say I miss her terribly! We have been through it all, obsession with beanie babies (oh god), harry potter... etc... yup we are nerds. Even though we did not see each other all the time we always stayed close. I was so glad when she decided to go to Queens so we got to see each other more often! 

p.s this makes me NEED a professional camera... does anyone have suggestions as to what camera to use?

cape: gifted, dress & ring: h&m, scarf: urban outfitters, shoes: payless, earrings: aldo

Photo Credit: Alex Mansourati

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