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So one of my favourite stores is H&M so much so that I used to work there for a short period of time before I decided to come out West. I would totally work at one here if there were one close to me but NOTHING is.. so I must go online and browse. I love how everything there is good quality and at a low cost which is great for all those savvy shoppers! I totally believe you can look like a million bucks and not spend a lot doing it. So many magazines and other blogs show you what you "wish" you could have had you been rich but not all of us are...yet haha. Enjoy!
What do you like the most? I would have to say the bracelet and blouse are mine!
Have a wonderful Thursday! 
From top left: Leather bag- $149, bag-$19.95, Shorts- $29.95, Silky blouse - $29.95, Lace up boots- 49.95, Leather gloves- $29.95, Necklace- 19.95, Bracelet- $9.95, Wedges- $49.95 all H&M
 Visit H&M here!

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