the original chola.

Being Latina and all, I have realized that there is a chola hiding in there somewhere. A chola for those of you that don't know is a Latina gangsta girl.. you know big gold hoops, red lips, mad makeup and she doesn't take shit from anyone! hahaha. Although you can search countless YouTube videos of cholas showing you how to do their horrendous makeup.. I do agree with one step.. red lips are HOT!

I gotta make my way to Sephora for them to teach me how to do it properly because some girls either get it right or do it horribly wrong or choose the wrong shade.

One Halloween, I was a chola and it was the most comfortable costume ever, the sad part was I owned pretty much all the clothes I was wearing haha.

A lot of celebrities have tried to look chola aka Gwen stefani.. but no one beats the original chola Selena and no not Gomez.. the original Selena.. may she rest in peace!
 What chola ritual do you like the most? I think there is a tie between the red lips and hoops! haha
The original Chola Selena RIP


         Watch the video! SO CHOLA!


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