mad hottie status: miranda kerr

So I just picked up the new Elle magazine and I mainly picked it up because Miranda Kerr is on it.. and I'd have to say that she is probably one of the most beautiful models out there right now. She has such unique features which makes her stand out. She also has great fashion sense and is very luckily married to another hottie Orlando Bloom. How did this woman just give birth a couple months ago? How do these models do it seriously? Girl must be doing some yoga and laying off the ice cream. I do yoga but I still cannot lay off the ice cream even though I'm highly lactose intolerant hhaha (I keep forgetting to take my pills ahhh)
She also has the cutest little baby too ahhh
here are some of my favourite looks. xo

Pictures are courtesy of Elle Magazine and Just Jared.

Elle cover out right now..

love the old school Chanel jewelry

I'm pretty sure this was for the Lanvin fashion show for Paris fashion week.

legs for days.. so jealous. I love this look!

love that lil ting.

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