tgif: outfit post

Leather Skirt: H&M, Silky Top: F21, Cardigan: UO, Tights: Joe Fresh, Flats: UO

Today I decided to dress up a tad to work! My office is very casual so for me to wear a leather skirt is a big deal haha. Don't be deceived by the photos... it was FREEZING! Winter is definitely upon us out west! I saw a glimpse of snow yesterday and it was -10 today UGH. This weekend will be a little sad for me.. I'm driving my boyfriend to the airport since he is going to Florida for 2 weeks for a course. Back to long distance just for a little bit!

Have an amazing weekend xo

p.s outfit posts may be very scarce since my photographer will be away!


  1. you are gorgeous :)
    love your style!

  2. thanks girl! I love your blog.. I check it out all the time! you should become a follower ;)


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