What is making me smile on a rainy day..

pink blazers

bright rooms.. in particular green rooms!

nom nom nom

Paris! If all goes as planned I shall be going next year!

puppies like my nugget!
On this rainy and gloomy day I thought it would be fun to post some pictures that are making me smile. I have the day off today for Remembrance Day, so let us not forget those who have fought for the freedom we have today!
I'm working tonight at my other job and I'm so not looking forward to it! Hopefully it goes by fast. 

All pictures are via Pinterest


  1. Love those pictures.

    Now I want chocolate chip cookies though!! darn it!


  2. hey!
    thank you so much for visiting! I make cookies on a regular basis.. so bad haha. I checked out your blog I love it! You're so pretty! I'm your newest follower! You should join too ;)


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