winter essentials

winter essentials

I woke up this morning to a winter invasion and to be quite honest I was NOT pleased. 
I know I'm Canadian and I should love the snow but I have never liked it. The snow is still going and we have about 3 cm as of now.
In order to be nice and toasty warm I decided to make a list of essentials in a winter girl's wardrobe.

  1. The Parka  the parka is absolutely necessary in winter since other coats simply do not keep you as warm and as dry as these do. They may not be completely stylish but they defiantely will keep your outfit underneath dry! I have the one above and it is from Aritzia.. the TNA parka
  2. Sorels I recentely bought the pair above which are the "Joan of Arctic Weather Boots" and retail for about $195. They may seem a bit pricey but these are the only boots I have ever worn that actually are waterproof. Once again not extremely fashionable they are the most stylish Sorels I have seen. Also one of my biggest pet peeves is when girls wear UGGS that are eaten away by the weathers elements. 
  3. Scarves scarves are essentials since they keep your neck and sometimes your face nice and toasty. I'm a big fan of scarves and I cannot even count how many I have. It is truly my obsession. Lately I've been loving circle chunky knit scarves. H&M and F21 have great cheap versions. 
  4. Hat & Mitts although I will admit I'm not a big fan of winter hats since they mess up my hair haha I've begun to realize out west that you need to have one if you're walking anywhere for longer than 10 minutes. Mitts are also great since they are super cute and keep you warm!
  5. Sweaters I love the version above, it is so perfect for winter weather and very Christmas appropriate. It is however out of my price range.. Oh Phillip Lim why do you do this to me? 
  6. Winter Booties if you are brave enough to wear any kind of heel in knee length snow.. I will suggest wearing a wedge that has some kind of grip at the bottom so you don't slip.. It's happened to me many times. 
  7. Smith's Rose Lip Balm I've loved this balm forever and it has been around for so many years so you know it is a keeper. Lip Balm is essential in winter weather to keep your lips nice and moisturized for those kisses you'll be receiving! ;) 
    There you have it ladies.. my essentials.. what are yours? xo
ps. my internet has stopped working at home.. so I will be internetless for a few days! I'll be checking periodically from work and from my phone! 
Happy ALMOST Friday!

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  1. Definitely use that lip balm all of the time!! Great Canadian winter list :)
    xo Cara


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