leaving on a jetplane

Well the time has finally come for me to leave the wild west and travel back where I belong haha. 
I honestly have been counting down for so long and I cannot believe I'm leaving bright and early tomorrow!
I was going to do an outfit post but I always leave packing to the last minute so therefore it could not be done. 
I'm so nervous because I will be traveling with my dog Nugget and I just hope and pray they will let her on the plane because she is exactly at the cutoff for being my carry on.
I'll just cry and have a Christmas speech ready if they hesitate!
Tomorrow is packed with things to do.. I arrive in Toronto then drive a bit back home then go for my much needed hair appointment and then get ready and go to my annual Christmas dinner with my friends ( I cannot believe we have been doing it since high school!) and then to our annual ugly Christmas sweater party! 
Hopefully do a post soon.. I gotta have some people time first! 

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