shopping and penguins

Jacket: Zara / Pants and Sweater: F21 / Scarf: H&M / Boots: Urban Outfitters (VERY old!)

So today we went into the city to  finish up Christmas shopping. As expected it was absolute INSANITY in that mall even though it is considered one of the biggest malls in the world (West Edmonton) it felt so tiny with the amount of people in there. After a few hours, I finally got it all done! I'm so happy to have it all over with.. although all the shopping has severely made a dent in my bank account.
In other news..I also got to see a penguin! I am absolutely obsessed with penguins even though I have never actually seen one in real life until NOW and they did not disappoint! they were so cute! I wish I could have held it!
I'm looking forward to a lazy Sunday. 
Have a great night!

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