this meal never gets old

I think I added about 2 or 3 cloves.. I'm insane I know haha

I added this photo just because I thought it was super cute! I think miss ally would appreciate it too ;)

I have been making this yummy meal forever.. it's so tasty and very cheap and packed with flavour! 
I guess you could say its "bruschetta" but I make it my own way and it's so good! I eat it usually just the way it is with no bread but it is obviously delicious with some as well.

All you need is: 
  1. fresh grape tomatoes 
  2. lots and lots of garlic ( you obviously don't have to put a lot.. but I am garlic obsessed)
  3. a splash of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar 
  4. lots of pepper and a bit of salt 
  5. feta! ( I use Athenos crumbeled garlic and herb feta)
 If you have left overs.. put it in the fridge.. I swear it tastes better the next day! I'll be eating it for lunch.


  1. diet coke!!! how festive and appropriate for all occasions!!

  2. it's not diet!! haha it's some special Christmas coke! I read an article about it, it did really poorly in sales because it looks so much like diet! hahah diet ewwww :)


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