whats in my bag..

I thought I'd share with you lovely followers what is in my new bag.. I'm so not used to having a big purse. I'm much more of a smaller bag kind of girl but I'm embracing how you can fit your  whole life in it!

  • Wallet: of course a wallet.. who cannot have a wallet in their purse? it holds all my precious cards that I'm too obsessed with at the current moment 
  • Granola Bar: if you're like me.. you get hungry at the office and a granola bar is the right little meal to keep you going until lunch time!
  • Deodorant: Deodorant is essential! I don't believe it's 24 hour protection haha 
  • Hand Cream: Hand cream has become an essential for me out west.. I cannot believe how DRY it is out here! my face and hands have never been so dry! the air is completely different here 
  • Lip Balm + Gloss: Lip balm is essential as well just for the same reason for it being too dry here! and the gloss is for when you're feeling pretty!
  • Advil: Advil.. if you're like me who gets migraines frequently.. these little babies are your saviour! 
  • Hair Ties and Bobby Pins: Pretty self explanatory.. if you have hair past your shoulders.. girl you need some
  • My Trusty Pen: for all that writing I might need to do!
  • Key Card: to get into my apartment!
  • Cheap $ 1 Dollar Gloves: I need these to quickly put on when I'm cleaning the frost and snow off the car in the morning and while holding the chilly wheel to work! 
What essentials do you have in your purse? 
I realized I forgot my Lactaid pills.. if you're lactose intolerant.. they are your best friend to enjoy all those yummy dairy products!

Have a good night xo

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