I have a girl crush on Emma Stone

I have a confession to make..
I have a girl crush on Emma Stone.. seriously how gorgeous is she? 
She definately gives the gingers a good rep! 
I was blown away at what she wore to the People's Choice Awards last night.. green works so well with her skin tone and her hair of course. 
It didn't look too overdone.. it looked casual yet classy at the same time. 
I want that blazer SO badly.. it's by Gucci, so I guess that my possession of it is out of the question. DRAMZ (maybe F21 can make a knockoff soon?)

All pictures via Pinterest and Just Jared


  1. oh goodness, definitely have a girl crush too. adore her!
    xo TJ

  2. ha it's gotta be the freckles :-)

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  3. She is just so adorable. What's not to love about her? I super love that blazer she has on.


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