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I've never been that kind of girl that will spend tons of money on makeup. I am NOT a makeup kind of girl but I have always admired girls that have the talent to do it. my staples are usually foundation, bronzer, blush and mascara. I do however spend money on my foundation.. I love Clinque's Supermoisture Makeup found here
This post however is about my new found love for the cosmetics company Benefit.
Since I live in such a tiny town with little shopping.. I am grateful to have a Shoppers so I can walk through the aisles and buy new products. I'm serious I could spend SO much money in that place.
Anyways, I've recently bought these products.. and I am in LOVE! 
Visit Benefits website here.

My lovely friend Kristina introduced me to this product. It is aimed to get rid of your black circles under your eyes. I unfortunately have this problem and I've tried many creams and none really do the trick. After a few days of using this I definitely noticed a difference. My eyes just felt more youthful and less tired. I won't say my black circles are entirely gone but it has definitely made me look well rested. It is worth a buy.

I am a victim of retail pressure. While at Shoppers with the boyfriend choosing a cologne for him I ended up buying this pricey mascara (around $22). The sales lady told me it was the best mascara she had ever used. I am usually not picky when it comes to mascaras since I have long eyelashes already. I tried it and I LOVE it.. you can put a ton on depending on what look you want and it doesn't clump.

I also bought this when I bought my mascara. I'm always on the look out for great concealers. This one is great.. its creamy and not cakey. 
These are two more items I have on my list to buy.. I don't know if they're great or not.. has anyone tried them? 

This is aimed to keep your concealer and eyeshadow in place. I have the horrible issue with my eyeshadow sticking in the crease of my eyelids. Keeping the concealer in place would be great too since my eyeliner or mascara always gets down there.

I love the idea of having the pencil on one side and the smudge part on the other. I'm wondering if this is actually waterproof and easy to remove?


  1. I've heard thats SO good! I need to buyyyy!

  2. I looove Benefit! I love Erase Paste, but it's really sticky. Also it's a "one shade fits most" kind of deal. They have 3 shades for you to pick from.

  3. i love benefit! I use it al the time, i totally agree!

  4. Love love love. I use their Hola bronzer, and it's amazing. No shimmer so it looks so much more natural. And I'm hella pale so I need it. And now I want this mascara!


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