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So this post is a little idea I got from a lovely blog I follow quite frequently and the idea was to showcase bits & bites of anything!

  1. Tulips I got the other day while I was buying a few groceries and I couldn't resist how pretty they were. Buying grocery flowers has become quite the ritual for me. 
  2. One of the tulips that blossomed quickly, I couldn't resist taking a picture to showcase the beautiful colours. 
  3. I have this goal of buying fabulous coffee table books so I can have an impressive collection when I have a real person house haha. This one I picked up at Urban Outfitters on the weekend and it was so full of great pictures and fashion inspiration. 
  4. This Mango Cilantro candle from Bath and Body Works is to DIE for. I'm so obsessed with candles but this one was so creative and smells delicious you just want to eat it. It combines the best things Mango and Cilantro.... mmmm. 
  5. This was a great orange curry shrimp dish I also got from the above blog and it was a refreshing change from what I'm used to. It will definitely be on one of my rotation of recipes! You can find the recipe here
  6. Yet another purchase I made that I could not resist. Two turtle candle holders from Bath and Body Works. I am so obsessed with turtles and I really don't know why but they are just so cute. 
  7. Two recent dress purchases the black floral a real steal from Aritzia it was over $100 off! and an Old Navy dress.. I loved the pattern! You can find that dress here  
  8. Finally, a Eiffel Tower statue my boyfriend picked out on a recent trip to Winners.. how cute of him haha. I guess he's getting excited for all our Europe planning for this summer! 

There you have it folks!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm currently watching the Oscars and relaxing. 


p.s some exciting changes coming soon...

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  1. I'm so excited that you participated in Bits & Bites! And that you made the curry shrimp! Isn't it amazing?? Great picks. I always love buying flowers when I do my weekly grocery shop.. works out quite well :) I hope to have you back this week! Can't wait to see your next set of inspirational picks!



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