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The other day I was purusing my Facebook news feed and I noticed the lovely Hunter boot selection the Town Shoes fan page had and I was curious to know if they carried the Hunter Boot Buffer that so many people have mentioned really worked. 
I asked and within minutes Town Shoes messaged me back and said they did indeed carry it and that they would send me a bottle for free! 
I was SO happy when they told me this because a.) it was free, b.) I live 2 hours from a mall c.) who doesn't like getting packages in the mail? 
I was so impressed with the wonderful customer service Town Shoes had and it was so refreshing to know how much they love their customers.

So did it work? 
see for yourself my friends, 


As you can see, after a while the once shiny Hunters turn a bit grey and they are not the most attractive. 


It worked! I am beyond happy with the results!
Now.. if it only rained haha 

p.s in other news..after several several attempts at the "sock bun" I have finally perfected it! I love it.

Thank you again to Town Shoes.. check them out here


  1. Wow, it does really a great customer service! Your boots looks great on you! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  2. Wow what a difference that made! I really want a pair of Hunters, but it never rains here.

    Kini Style & The Klury Report

  3. OMG, I need this stuff for my Hunter boots! Mine totally faded. Thanks for sharing! www.casualglamorous.com


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