dinner parties made easy

dinner parties made easy

From Left: 
Outfit #1
Blue Dress: Miu Miu
Heels: Rupert Sanderson
Clutch: House of Harlow (LOVE)

Outfit #2
Polka Dot Dress: Topshop 
Heels: Guiseppe Zanotti 
Purse: Chanel 
Outfit #3 (my favourite)
Green Dress: Oasis
Heels: Alexander McQueen
Purse: Reiss 

Outfit #4
Coral Dress: Topshop
Heels: Miu Miu
Clutch: Monsoon Vintage

I have a dinner party for my boyfriends work on Friday and obviously I am quite excited because it gives me an excuse to dress up! 
I will probably be a little too dressed up since this town is a little casual for everything but we shall see!
I have an outfit in mind which will be posted on Friday before the event.
I couldn't help but make a little outfit board on some dream dinner party outfits. I am particularly in love with outfit #3. The green dress and the heels are perfect! In a money free world I would own all these outfits in a heartbeat. 
I also love how each dress isn't very revealing yet can be sexy at the same time if you pair them with some killer heels.
What outfit do you like? 


  1. Hi! i can't decide between outfits number 3 and 4!! both are awesome!! and House of Harlow's clutch it's so great! i've to look for a similar clutch, i'm in love! hahaha
    i agree with you, a good dress that isn't very revealing rocks with a pair of killer heels! ^^

  2. LOVE these outfits! I'm with Veri on this...number 3 and 4 are my favorites <3
    And yeah, I feel the same in my town. Its just really casual and you get funny looks if you dress up. Haha, but its fun to do it anyway! :)


  3. outfit 1! i am obsessed with that royal blue colour right now!


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