happy birthday to my stylish attractive friend

Sweater, Belt, Bag: Ralph Lauren // Jacket: Vintage // Coat: Barbour // Jeans: Topman // Shoes: Allen Edmunds // Gloves: Zara

I asked my friend Andrew (Andy) to do a little outfit post for me since he is quite stylish and easy on the eyes if  I do say so myself haha. 
I met Andrew a couple years back when we worked at Urban Outfitters and we were all so close that we have managed to stay in touch even though our paths have gone in different directions.
Anyways, the pictures turned out great and they really show an effortless casual style.
Today happens to be his birthday too and I really wish I was back home to celebrate it but this will have to do! 



  1. happy birthday to him! ^^
    love his shoes :)

  2. He's very stylish! And where in Alberta are you currently based? I ask because I'm originally from Edmonton but moved to he US about 6 six years ago...

    Courtney ~ http://www.sartorialsidelines.com

    1. Hey Courtney!
      Thanks for stopping by! I am originally from Ontario (outside of Toronto) but I moved to Alberta in August. I live in Edson! Which is in between Edmonton and Jasper. Its a super small town and it's been quite the adjustment. I moved here because my boyfriend got a job out here! So yeah I started this blog to keep a llittle sanity!


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