i found you miss new booties

ankle booties: Aldo (on sale!) // pants, sweater, vest: all Forever 21 // sunglasses: Ray-Ban // watch: Michael Kors // bracelet: made by my sis

Today has been another lovely day in the wild west! Only zero outside! I know that must be FREEZING for some of my readers, but for us Canadians it is a good enough reason to celebrate!
Today is also Friday so I decided to be a little fun with my work outfit and wear RED! 
I'm lucky to work in such a casual office environment but I really miss wearing fancy clothes a la 
I'm looking forward to the weekend so I can relax and catch up on my shows!
Have a wonderful Friday!

p.s I got my hair issue sorted out.. the salon is giving me a free redo of my hair next Saturday so I can get it the way I want it! I guess sometimes it is good to speak up when you're not happy about something!


  1. love them, they are so cute! ^^
    and i hope you have better luck at the salon next time! :)

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  3. Zero...degrees??
    I feel like a wimp for complaining about our mild Idaho winter now...hahaha, you have tougher skin than me, that's for sure!
    LOVE your outfit! That bold red is perfect, I love bright jeans <3
    And your boots are making me envious!
    Haha, you've got great style, I'm now following :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by!! Come again soon :) Thanks so much for following!! Gunna check out your blog! xo

  4. I love this warm and cozy outfit!
    so cute, definitely love the shoes!
    just followed you, love!
    ♥ candace from july+after
    latest post: my clementine heart


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