sunny saturday

David asked me to do a model shot.. and being the silly person that I am.. I did this.

I guess this is more model ish haha

being a goof again..
Grandpa Cardi & Scarf: H&M // Jeans: Gap // Boots: Fryes

Hello friends,

Today was even warmer than yesterday! It was 10!!!! 
We took a little driving trip just for fun and to run a few errands and I saw my first Albertan Moose! How exciting is that!? If you've never seen one in real life.. they are HUGE! 
In other news, If you don't own a pair of Frye boots I highly suggest you invest in a pair! They may be expensive but they are the most durable boots I have ever owned. They look even better with age and great in the snow! With most boots I can feel the snow coming through to my sock and with the Fryes I don't feel a thing! Completely waterproof. 
I wouldn't frolic in the snow with them on but you know what I mean haha.
The one's I own are the Harness boots but in the future I'd love another pair. 
Do you have a pair you can't live without? 



  1. so cute in the one you are playing with you hair! :) and i like the outfit, specially i like the cardigan! ^^
    did u see a moose?!? i can't imagine how would i react with that huge animal near me! haha

    1. Julia!
      Thank you so much! You're so nice :)
      YES I saw the moose! AHHH It was so scary but so cute!! haha
      You should tell your friends to visit my blog ;)

    2. i will tell them, for sure! :)

  2. Haha, you're too cute :)
    Love your boots and elbow patch cardi!! I'm going to make myself one of these. That little detail is too adorable.
    And a moose?? Really?? 0_o Wow...aha, how close did you get?

  3. Such a great cardi isn't it! Love you you styled yours :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. this is so adorable dear! loving the elbow patches xxx


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