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The other day I went to my Shoppers and picked up a few things I didn't need (story of my life). 
1.) Magazine: I had to get the new Vogue since the gorgeous Adele is on it.. seriously how stunning does she look on the cover? I would love to do that eye makeup but I'm so horrible at anything makeup related! 
2.) Soap: I got Dove soap since I was running low.. I've been using only this soap since I was little and I truly believe it is the only soap that leaves your skin silky smooth! 
3.) Cream: Since I suffer from terrible dry skin and being in the wild west doesn't help either.. it is SO dry here...I got a tub of the Vasaline Intensive Therapy.. I was told it really is good so I decided to try it and it's great! I highly recommend it! 
4.) Nail Polish: I'm so excited to paint my nails now that I picked up those great pastel colours! I had my eye on an Essie one but they were all sold out.. so sad. 
5.) My friend Chocolate: As I am about to check out I see that Cadbury Cream Egg calling my name.. it would NOT leave me alone so I took one for the team and got it..It was delicious. 

Any products you swear by? 

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  1. i love that cover so much!! The Spanish version doesn't have that cover :( I really wanted it here!
    And i love so much your pastel colour nail polish! I'm sure they look great! :)


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