some bits from the weekend

Family Reunion dinner at The Keg
Sisterly photoshoots
My old student house.. jokes house as I liked to call it.
The main reason for the weekend visit.. seeing my boyfriends brother finally get his iron ring!
Reunions with friends
Delicious food at my favourite restaurant
Chocolate Lasagna
Missing my beautiful campus of Queens University in Kingston!
This weekend was truly such an amazing time at home and I'm sad that I have to make the long journey back tomorrow to the wild west.
I spent some time with my family as well as going to see some friends back where I went to school to celebrate St. Patty's as well as the Engineer Iron Ring ceremony. 
I also spent a great time in Toronto today meeting up with some other friends and enjoying the amazing 20+ weather.. by drinking on a patio and walking around. 
This time at home has truly made me realize how much I miss everyone and everything. 
Tomorrow is my last day to enjoy family and a record breaking 25+ weather! 

I also apologize for the lack of posting! I've been so busy but I'm back! 


  1. I FINALLY got it fixed by my hairdresser at home.. for super super cheap.. ombre + davids haircut.. 33 dollars.. no lie. I would make the trip back home just for that haha.

  2. I love your bird shirt! So sweet :)



  3. looks like you had an amazing time! i've always wanted to go to canada :)

  4. Thanks so much everyone!! Come back again soon!



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