back to black

back to black

During my moving process a month or so ago, I realized my closet was seriously lacking in black essentials. I know its crazy to think about because most women are obsessed with black since it looks good on everyone and of course its slimming but I am sad to say I do not own much.
I think its my love of colour that has made me stay away from black.  I think I was so preoccupied with not wanting to be one of those girls that only sticks to "safe" colours that I've completely ignored this staple.
Out of my wardrobe I think I have 5 or 6  items that are black and most of them are very old.

What I'm missing and what I think is essential in any wardrobe are above and as follows,
  1. a very well fitting black tank/tee - This is an absolute essential to help you layer items and give dressier items are more casual look. 
  2. A cardigan- I love the above cardigan from Aritzia and I'm probably the only girl I know that doesn't have that exact one. I have one or two but they are very old.
  3. A leather jacket- I have always bought "faux" leather jackets mainly because of my budget but I'm hoping to save and get a great one.
  4. A maxi- I have yet to find a black maxi that I'm in love with.. I need to make one mine!
  5. Jeans- I have one pair of black jeans but I'm not really in love with them and would like to switch it up.
  6. LBD- of course the little black dress is a must. I only have one to call my own and it has been in my wardrobe for quite some time. I need one that's very basic and timeless. 
There you have it ladies!
Do you any of you have this problem with a lack of black in your wardrobe? or maybe a lack of colour?



  1. Love that LBD - so pretty! I feel like these are definitely all necessities...happy shopping :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I love black and used to get made fun of for wearing it all the time. Right now, I am in need to a LBD and a black maxi. Essentials!!


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