how to wear neon pants

Pants: Gap (here) // Top: Forever 21 // Necklace: Banana Republic // Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Watch: Michael Kors // Bracelet: H&M 

I've been a tad absent from this blog for a few reasons, 1. we had my boyfriends parents stay with us for a couple days  2. it's been horribly raining which seems like forever and has halted my energy for any outfit post haha 3. I've been super busy! 
I am back though and showcasing my wonderful neon pink pants I recently purchased online from the Gap. They look significantly darker online and when I got them in the mail I was a little worried of how bright they were (think highlighter pink). 
I was contemplating returning them but I decided to embrace the brightness. Just by coincidence I tried them on with my polka dot navy shirt  and the results were successful! I love it. The key with bright pants is to pair it with a neutral shirt (think white or black). The exception to this rule is of course a polka dot print or any print that isn't screaming colour.

There you have it! Easy casual outfit that craves attention! I certainly got it too walking around town! 
wear those pants with pride! haha 

Have a wonderful almost Friday!

p.s I have noticed my blog comment section and previous blog date are a little messed up. Don't really know how it happened! I'm trying to get it all back to normal. Suggestions on how to do this are welcome! :) 

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  1. Great pants!

    xo Jennifer

  2. Cute outfit! Love it.
    I think it'd be hard not to feel happy in those pants, so fun!

  3. I think that bright color is so fun and pretty! Love the blue with it.

  4. Pola dots and neon - yah for being bold with colour and print. Love this outfit!

  5. i love all the neon that is going on these days! love how you paired them with polka dots very cute :)

  6. nice look!i like the colours and the style!
    i follow you!
    my blog is


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