life lately

cute bear we encountered in Banff
little candid the sister took on an outing with the fam in Banff 

fat day: sisters homemade crunch wrap surpremes
went for a walk with the sis and of course brought my camera
colourful outfit
spicy Thai noodles I made

The horrible weather has temporarily put the outfit posts on hold and I thought I'd update you all on what I've been up to lately.. or what I've been eating ha ha.
This past week I had my brother and sister here to visit and I'm so sad they are gone. I won't be seeing them until October when I go home for Thanksgiving.. I hope It goes by fast!
This week will be filled with some much needed relaxing, movie going and getting ready for our upcoming trip to Puerto Rico & Tortola.. It's creeping up!

Oh and in other news.. I got Twitter! (FYI: I'm a newbie at this..)

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  1. So awesome to see a bear!

  2. Wow, that bear is close by! Loving the floral flats! Thanks for following my blog. Now following you too :)

  3. The colour of that water is magnificent. What a beautiful place!!

    Love from South Africa

  4. Those noodles look delicious! And I'm jealous, I didn't see anything but a deer and squirrels when I was in Banff!

  5. wow I love the second picture, the background is amazing!!

    Little Petite

  6. what beautiful photographs! that background is too perfect!
    xo TJ

  7. wow food looks amazing! are those floral toms. way too cute doll.

  8. thankyou so much Melanie for your lovely comment on my blog :) I'm now following back too!

    anyway the wrap looks divine. I haven't had lunch yet so I'm totally drooling atm haha!

  9. That bear! Waa! That's super cool Melanie!!

    Cup of Tea


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