oxblood steal

pants: joe fresh (recent & $9.95) // top: h&m // blazer: urban outfitters // purse: roots // booties: aldo // necklace: etsy via oia jules // bracelet: forever 21 

A couple months ago I lost a giftcard for a good chunk of money and was so depressed over it. During packing last week I found it and was ecstatic because I'm not supposed to be shopping but since it was gifted money I felt that was justifiable...right? haha
On the way back from Banff I stopped at an amazing Joe Fresh at Cross Iron Mills in Calgary since Ashley of Lions, Lace, Lattes told me that it was worth checking out.
I had never been to a Joe Fresh stand alone store and the result was definately amazing! It was so hard to not go overboard. 
I found these lovely oxblood pants in the clearance section for $9.95.. amazing. Not only were they cheap but super comfortable. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. These pants are so awesome, I love the combination of oxblood and tweed!

  2. Such a cute look - love that necklace! And gifted money is totally justifiable :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. $10 for oxblood pants?! That's a steal! And how awesome that you found your lost gift card. Last christmas I got a $100 F21 gift card and accidentally THREW IT OUT.

    I immediately bought a bottle of wine and tried to pretend I never got it haha.

  4. These pants are such a steal! I was also surprised when I went to Joe Fresh for the first time. It's such a nice place with great prices!


  5. This a great look! That Joe Fresh store you went to is the one closest to me and I LOVE it (I live in Olds). I did go a little over board a few weeks ago but all the velvet was calling my name haha.

  6. Ohh I love that necklace, it has been in my Etsy basket for some time now but I haven't decided if I wanna drop that much on a necklace.. I've never been so good at accessorizing because I always felt like I would rather spend my money on clothes... but lately I've been trying to incorporate more jewelry and a statement necklace like that is perfect!

    The Weekend Diary

  7. Wow! Seams as if it's gettin' really cold there!!!! :-S I love your burgundy pants! :-)
    Great pics!


  8. Nice find! I've never been to a Joe Fresh store.


  9. Beautiful color of that necklace.

  10. I love your sense of style.

  11. Those pants are awesome!

  12. i remember seeing these in store and loved em! didnt know they had gone down to clearance pricing! nice!

  13. I have been meaning comment on this post for ages it seems! So sad that it didn't work out to meet while you were in Calgary, but so happy that you made it to Cross Iron Mills! Yahh!!!

    xo Ashley


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