striped pants

pants: forever 21 // tee: aritzia // heels: guess // sunglasses: ray-ban // watch: timex // bracelet: handmade by my sis 

You must be thinking.. this post definitely looks like summer and does she not live in the arctic that is Alberta?  Well my friends, on this particular day  it was surprisingly VERY warm and my car read 10 degrees (which is warm haha). I was also lucky enough to get the sun right before these were taken. 
YAY for warm weather! Spring just needs to hurry up already..geez.

Also be sure to check out this week's Style Panel to see how we all interpreted stripes in a new way!


  1. those pants are EVERYTHING! ADORE!!!

    XO Meghan

  2. ooooh girl i love this!! haha i totally understand how 10 feels warm. Wisconsin is like that. but i'm seriously dying over this look! the pants and heels are just killing me!! adore

  3. LOVE those cropped pants and those metallic heels! xox

  4. I wish it was still this warm, I loved it!! These pants are so wonderful, love the stripes with the metallic heels!

  5. Love this!! We were teased with warm weather the other day and now it's frigid again, I can't wait for spring either!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  6. I know, I wish spring would just get here...yesterday we had a taste of it - it was so warm! Then today I woke up to snow. Sigh.
    Lol ah well, love seeing this warm-weather inspired outfit! The striped pants rock my socks! So bold <3

    Trendy Teal

  7. I love this look! You're rocking it!

  8. Those striped pants are fantastic. And I love the silver shoes!

  9. Girl, you crazy! 10 degrees is not warm! But your outfit is fantastic!

  10. Those pants! LOVE love love - especially with the green and silver - you look fabulous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. Those pants are seriously fantastic, and love them with the fun heels! Such a great look, you look awesome!
    xx, Emily

  12. I have that shirt and grey and heather black and adore it! I also have the scoop neck version. I'm so happy that it was warm for a couple days. I can't wait for spring!!!

    xo Ashley

  13. Melanie, this outfit is fabulous! Those pants paired with the emerald green top; just stunning! You look so good!

    Kate xo


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