blazer & tank: forever 21 // pants: joe fresh // booties: aldo // necklace: h&m // watch: michael kors 

Well my friends, today I turn 25 and I cannot believe it! Seriously, I still remember when I was 18 and in my first year of university, and now I'm old..sigh.
Although this is not my birthday outfit I wore it the other day and loved the combination of bright pink with the sage coloured pants. I am tackling bringing out my spring items while still trying to incorporate my fall items since it's still a little chilly. 
I'm also currently baking a birthday cake for myself and my boyfriend (fun fact: we share the exact same birthday which is weird and cool haha). Hopefully it turns out well! and then we will be driving to Jasper for some yummy food!

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! 


  1. Happy birthday! I'll be 25 in May -- feeling old. Love the hot pink!

  2. Wow happy birthday to you and your boyfriend! I love the color pops with the blazer and the necklace.



  3. Whoa, you and your boy celebrate on the same day? Haha, that's pretty cool! Have a good one you fabulous old lady you ;) I tease, I tease, you're plenty young silly. And with a fantastic sense for fashion might I add! Love the olive cargo skinnies <3

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  4. Happy birthday pretty lady! Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend! I love the combo of the green and pink; I have pants that color and have been wearing them with a floral blouse!

  5. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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  6. Hope you had a fabulous birthday! So jealous of your new J.Crew necklace I saw on instagram :) And love that pink blazer with those cute!

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