wind + statement jackets

jacket: h&m (still in stores!) // tee: aritzia // jeans: gap (here) // boots: jeffrey campbell (here) // sunglasses: ray-ban // watch: michael kors // bracelet: tiffany & co 

It's FRIDAY everyone! That's enough to cheer up and down right? 
This post makes me laugh because when I initially shot these pictures, the wind was so incredibly strong and I was so cold and frustrated that my good outfit might had gone to waste since I couldn't imagine having any good shots from it all. That is what I like to call blogger problems or diva problems as the boyfriend likes to call it ha-ha. When you read this, THANK YOU for putting up with me sometimes, I really don't know how you do it and for that I say I love you! I was pleasantly surprised I managed to get a few photos that were decent to post up on the blog today.
Also, how pretty are all the fall colours? It's getting pretty chilly here and I'm so sad that soon enough it will be all covered in snow. I think I may be one of the few Canadians that doesn't enjoy winter in the slightest. I always say "I'm not meant for cold weather". Who's with me? 

Have an amazing weekend everyone! 
p.s I'll be posting about my Joe Fresh fashion show experience next week! Stay tuned.. 


  1. ah i love this coat!! please sent it to me when your done with it HA... you look great, love it on you

    xo Jessica

  2. This coat is gorgeous!! And it totally is blogger problems (you're not a diva) wind is the enemy! I am so not ready for it to be cold :(

  3. I'm loving the jacket! I can definitely relate to those "blogger" problems. I hate to waste a good outfit!

    Oh, and you're not alone in hating the winter. Every year, I feel like I hate the cold even more than before and I always say I (along with humans in general) were not designed to endure such temperatures! I shouldn't complain though...I know it's not as bad in Toronto as out west.

    xoxo Jackie


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