snowy day comfort

cardigan: roots (last season) // tee: aritzia // jeans: citizens of humanity // boots: aldo (old) // hat: gap // bag: roots (similar here

I know what you're thinking, "boy oh boy, that's a LOT of snow!" and yes you are correct! It's been snowing non stop since I got here and although it's pretty to look at, it's not the best to take photos in. Since I love you all soooo much, I went through the snowy conditions to take some photos of my comfy outfit! In these kind of conditions, nothing is better than wearing the warmest thing you own, cuddling in a blanket and drinking some hot chocolate (which is exactly what I did after taking these). 
This cardigan I got from Roots last year has the warmth and comfort of a blanket not to mention it's super cute!  My boyfriend who happens to be from the Caribbean said it looked like I stepped into a Roots ad or for Canadian tourism since he said it was a pretty Canadian thing to wear. I happen to think that's a good thing don't ;) 

Have a great weekend everyone! Hopefully the snow let's up a little! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, that IS a lot of snow. Luckily, nothing yet in New Brunswick, but apparently next week it's going to hit!

    Doesn't Roots make the most cozy and gorgeous winter sweaters? I love the cardigan you have one - it's gorgeous! Great look! Thanks for making the trek into the snow for us! :)

    Bold Subtlety

  2. Beautiful! Loving everything about this outfit

  3. Gorgeous hat and jacket! Thanks for toughing it out in the snow for us so we could see ;)

  4. I saw this outfit pop up on my Instagram feed and was excited to see the full post. I am loving your outfit!!

    We don't have snow in Toronto yet (which I assume you know), but I think we're going to get some very soon. I haven't had my blog a full year yet, so I am only starting to find out just how much fun it is to freeze for photos. Looks like it was worth the chill, because your outfit is so cute!

    xoxo Jackie

  5. You look so adorable! I love all the colours and textures of this outfit

  6. Beautiful!
    Dolorès :)

  7. looove it... I'm ready for snow
    xo Jessica

  8. Love your outfit here! You look so cozy



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