leopard and chevron

coat: zara (last year) // sweater: joe fresh (on sale!) // skort: zara // tights: joe fresh // boots: jeffrey campbell // watch: michael kors // lipstick: NARS in heatwave 

Merry Christmas Eve!
After what seemed like a huge journey to get here, we are officially in Orlando.
Just picture me running through the airport(s) Home Alone style.. yup that was me haha. I also have to apologize for the lack of blog post yesterday. I tried to schedule this post but it didn't seem to work out.. I tried!  I'm just so happy to be somewhere warm for a little bit.  Alberta makes you hibernate way too much, so this will be a nice change for sure.
As usual, I seem to have over packed but in all honesty most of it is gifts haha. With all of the space allocated to gifts means a lot of emptiness afterwards, which means a lot of extra space for SHOPPING. What better place to shop than in the States? I always have success when I'm here but maybe it's because I'm on the vacation high!
Anyway, I decided I need to give more attention to this fabulous Zara coat. I sometimes forget what I own, but this bad boy needs to come out and play more often! I absolutely love the oversized fit and come on now, leopard goes with everything! 

Merry Christmas Eve!

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  1. Your jacket is gorgeous! I am hoping to get a leopard print coat on Boxing Day! Have a wonderful Christmas in Orlando, you lucky girl! xo

  2. This coat is ammmazing, i love it with the chevron sweater. Have an amazing time in Orlando, soak up the sun for me!

  3. Loving that coat!

    I'm down in Florida for the holidays as well. I always have a ton of luck with the shopping down here, but you're right...maybe it's the vacation high. Regardless, I'm not complaining.

    Doesn't it just make you cringe looking at the snowy pics right now?

    xoxo Jackie
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