oversized wool blazer

blazer: american eagle outfitters (on sale!) // top: gap // pants: h&m // boots: sam edelman c/o styleNV // hat: gap // bag: roots // watch: michael kors // bracelet: tiffany & co

While on one of my endless online browsing nights (we all have them right?) I stumbled upon this blazer from American Eagle and decided right there and then that it was so me. 
It just so happens that my lovely madre knew how much I loved it (I send her pictures all the time haha) and I got it on Christmas morning. I love how oversized it is and it's so cozy which is perfect for the very cold nights we have been having in the wild west.
Also have you noticed that I've been wearing a lot more hats, toques, hoods? That is my strategic way of hiding my insane roots coming in. I'm getting my hair done this weekend and I still don't know what I should do. Half tell me the light hair is good, half tell me to go back to dark. The question is what do you guys think? I'd love some opinions!

Happy Wednesday & as always thank you for reading! x

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  1. Ohh this blazer is amazing, it looks so cozy! And those leggings are badass. You look great with light and dark hair so you could go either way! At least with dark you don't have to worry about roots?

  2. I have too many endless browsing nights that I'd care to disclose... they often push my bedtime back hours! But I usually find my best deals then too!

    I love that AE topper! I had seen it in stores and loved how oversize it was! And it's grey!

    How exciting that you're getting your hair done! Are you looking for change? I personally love your hair light! But going dark would suit you as well!

    Bold Subtlety

  3. WHHAAAATTTT??? I can't believe that blazer is from AE. Like, did I miss the memo that they're stepping up the game these days?

    I love getting my hair done...and totally pull the hiding of the roots strategies in that last week. I think the light looks great, but I feel like you probably prefer dark?

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  4. I love the pattern of your blazer and that dark lipstick looks really great on you!

  5. I'm really loving hats lately and yours is fab!


  6. You look so effortlessly chic! Loving that blazer and hat hard... xx

  7. Sadly I am a hat person even when I have fresh hair haha! But I am loving them on you! Also love how this piece is the perfect harmony between a blazer, coat, and cardigan. Great find; I need to go in there more often to look!


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