the leopard trench

coat: forever 21 (recent) // top & pants: forever 21 (older) // boots: aldo (older) // lipstick: NARS in "heatwave" 

You know what makes me happy? 
I took these photos around 5 pm and it was still light out! You know what that means, Spring is almost here my friends! I know I sound a tad enthusiastic but when you live somewhere where it's Winter pretty much 7 months out of the year it's a BIG deal. 

You know what also makes me happy? Seeing this amazing coat on a "I can't shop but nothing wrong with looking even though you will still find something" day. The moment I saw it, I knew it would be mine. I know what you're thinking, "Melanie, you have way too many leopard printed things" to which I will reply "Yes, yes I do, but you can never have enough leopard!" and hey, I don't have a black and white leopard printed item.. sold! ;) 

Have a great Wednesday & as always thank you for reading! 


  1. I love the coat! So cute! And so typical to find something you must have on a day that you're not "really shopping" haha! And yes, I've been noticing that it's lighter out after work too, which is so, so nice! Even though we are getting snow dumped on us all over the place right now, I really feel like spring is just around the corner! Can't wait!

  2. That green looks stunning on you!

  3. Oh goodness, that coat is adorable! And I love the bright green shirt under it!

    Bold Subtlety

  4. The coat looks great and that green blouse is stunning.

  5. Lovely outfit. Love the Nars lip color.

  6. Love that coat! Such a great statement piece!

  7. This trench is amazing, love it with the bright green shirt, such a good combination! I am so happy it's starting to stay light out later and later now :)

  8. uh hello amazing! this outfit is GORGEOUS, and im a total sucker for black and white leopard. it's so chic and not too over the top. also, i got so giddy that you said these were taken at 5 haha, winter's almost over!!

    xo marlen
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