electric cherry skirt

sweater & skirt: c/o 424 fifth // heels: aldo 

Happy Monday everyone!

Another weekend has passed and I cannot believe I'm turning 26 this weekend coming up! AHHH (I still feel 18.. haha in denial?).
Anyways, the wild west has sadly gotten VERY cold and has obviously missed the memo when it came to the first day of spring. Seriously though, HURRY up spring!
With that being said, it was quite cold taking these photos but you instantly warm up when you see this gorgeous "electric cherry" statement skirt from 424 Fifth.
My boyfriend's exact words when he saw me wearing it was "woah, that's really red!". It really is, but red is one of my favourite colours so it was a match made in heaven.
The colour is super vibrant and well made and has the extra surprise of having pockets which is awesome! I thought it was perfect to pair it with my daisy sweater for a feminine look! There are so many combinations that can give this skirt a new life, I cannot wait to wear it again!

The whole 424 Fifth Spring collection is just gorgeous! I seriously want almost everything and I'm counting down the days I can go in and shop the collection again. The 424 Fifth line is available at all Hudson's Bay locations in Canada as well as Lord & Taylor in the US!

How would you wear this vibrant skirt? I'd love to know!


  1. You look amaaaazing! I love this whole outfit on you so much! The sweater is crazy cute and I LOVE the super vibrant red! You wear it well! xo!

  2. Obsessed with this entire look!! That skirt is amazing - must make it mine!!! xx

  3. I saw this skirt at The Bay on the weekend. It is very lovely. Looks amazing on you.

  4. Love this outfit so much. Stunning!

  5. this is just ver pretty. Love it


  6. I didn't get to the Bay this weekend, but it's on my "to do" list ever since I saw you and a couple other bloggers featuring this new line. That skirt is so cute and I see endless possibilities with it. I'd probably start by pairing with a chambray blouse?

    Also, kudos for rocking the bare legs....especially with that snow sticking around behind you!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  7. Ahhh, I LOVE this skirt. It is so loud but you make chic with your matching lip and black and white. I actually saw a cobalt version of this skirt and wondered if maybe I needed it. Maybe now I do!

  8. YOU look ridiculously gorgeous in these pictures....this combo is so pretty and Red is definitely you colour :) xoxo



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