the power of the flower

sweater: winners (recent and under $20!) // shirt: joe fresh // pants: gap // heels: guess // bag: 3.1 phillip lim for target 

Every so often you find a piece that is too good to be true and that was the case with this sweater.
I had some time on my hands and made a casual trip to Winners and looked around and found this sweater and matching skirt (which will make an appearance soon!) for SO cheap! I couldn't believe the price when I saw it! How cheap you may ask? $16.99! How does that even happen? Major score! The flower print is so fun and so spring, I'm already dreaming up other outfits!

Speaking of spring, it's been SO warm in Calgary. It was 14 degrees yesterday! I know I'm new to the whole concept of "chinooks"  and in general it's warmer here than in most places in Alberta but damn it's pretty rare when it's super warm here and not so much back home in Toronto (sorry friends!).  Let's keep this warm weather coming! Fingers crossed...

Have you had any major fashion scores lately? Do tell! 

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  1. Gorgeous look, girly!! And us too, so warm in Vancouver. We've been living outside and absolutely loving it!! xoxo

  2. Omg 14 degrees!? I'm crying inside (she says as a blizzard is going on outside).

    I love the bright floral print on you! And what a great combo of patterns going on here! Isn't Winners just the best? I freaking love shopping there.

    Bold Subtlety

  3. AHHH I'm so jealous of how warm it is in Calgary! It's freezing here in Toronto. In fact, I can hear the winds whipping outside as I type this comment.

    That sweater is such a great find. It's those types of finds that make me love going to a hunt at Winners from time to time.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  4. I love this outfit so much! The colours and mixed patterns are perfection! So so jealous of your warm weather... it is -12 again today in Toronto! x E

  5. I love that flower top, I can see it being worn in so many ways! Gorgeous print.

    At the moment I'm obsessed with a pair of black jeans - really boring, but I just love wearing them!

    Hmm maybe...

  6. This is super cute! I love random Winners finds like that... they always happen on the days that you're just randomly browsing! Such a fun piece, I love the print and love that you mixed it with the printed pants! Looking adorable!


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