très cool

jacket: oak + fort // tee: h&m (recent) // pants: h&m (old) // heels: aldo 

You know what I do when the sun decides not to shine?
Wear some very floral pants and a very cool tee or should I say très cool?..haha

When I saw this tee, I was looking around H&M with the Mr. and held it up to him and he gave me that look that kinda said "You would like a tee that says "très cool on it" He was right, I really would haha. I couldn't help it, it was funny, comfy and made out of that PJ material that makes it super hard to want to take off. Those reasons alone were well worth the $14.95 price tag!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. In love with this outfit. The pants are everything!

  2. What a great price for a cool, er... tres cool, tee! Boys just don't know what up. lol

  3. This is SO DARN CUTE! I love those pants, I totally remember that print being at H&M last year and I missed out on all of it. So pretty. And I love the tee - this combo is so unexpected and cool!

  4. Amazing look
    so trendy and chic!!!


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