out with the old, in with the new

jacket: forever 21 // shirt: gap // pants: h&m // shoes: aldo (recent) // bag: roots (recent, sold out online but you can buy or order it in store!) // watch: michael kors // bracelet: tiffany & co 

I almost didn't post these pictures since I wasn't a big fan of them. Sometimes you can take 200+ photos as a blogger and not even like one of them (has this happened to anyone?). It didn't help that the weather was brutal and I was exhausted too. Hopefully it doesn't show too much? 

Besides the photo dilemma, I wanted to showcase a new edition to my life...my bag! 
I thought it was time to get a new one since I've loved my other bag for a while and needed a change. 
I've been a longtime fan of Roots and most of my bags are from there. Not only are they Canadian and beautifully made, you really can't beat the price of them!
The moment I saw this bag I knew I had to have it. I waited patiently until there was a promotion going on and snagged it when it was 30% off! Nothing like a new bag to cheer a strong case of the weather blues! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

p.s The lucky winner of the $75 to Skoah is Rebby! Please email me at bornlippyblog@hotmail.com! Thank you to everyone who entered and congrats! 


  1. We are our toughest critics! The photos are great so you shouldn't worry!

  2. Ugh, I totally have those days - it happened to me just last week when Annick took like 300+ photos for me and I hated almost every one! Brutal! That said, I think these turned out just fine and I am loving your shoes and new bag! Great purchase!!

  3. As Kate says above, it happens to us all the time! So irritating! But I'm glad you posted them anyway - you look adorable. And besides, we can't all be perfect all the time - that would be unrealistic!

    I absolutely LOVE that bag! I've been contemplating buying a Roots bag for a while (my saffiano fave ever sold out!) and yours is absolutely perfect. What was this 30% off promo?

  4. Oh my gosh, that happens to me way too often - I don't know how it's possible to take 200 pictures and not like a single one of them but I guess that's just part of being a blogger. Glad you decided to share these shots, though, because that coat is amazing! Love.


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