oxford shirt

shirt: joe fresh // skirt: urban outfitters (old) // heels: guess // watch: michael kors 

I told myself that I'm going to incorporate more skirts and dresses since it's not an evident theme on my blog haha. I recently went through my closet and found this skirt that I admittedly forgot about. I thought it was perfect to go with my Joe Fresh oxford shirt. I've been trying to find a shirt that was thick and kinda oversized and I found it of course at Joe. 

I was also thinking of starting a new series on Friday's with a casual Friday post. I consider myself to be pretty casual so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch! What do you think? I would also love to start featuring more food posts! I used to then just kinda stopped. I have such a passion for baking and cooking so why not share it with all you lovely readers? I'd love to know your input! 

Happy Monday!


  1. I love that skirt on you! Isn't it great when you find an item you forgot about? It's like shopping from your own closet!

    Yes to food posts! I'd love to see that! And to the casual Friday too!

    Bold Subtlety

  2. I love that printed skirt. And love the idea of a casual friday look!

  3. Gorgeous! Missing that pretty face of yours... xx

  4. Yes, I would LOVE to see some food posts! You should write about whatever you feel passionate about, plus it might be nice to break up the fashion posts now and then too. Also, your tough girl face made me smile haha ;) xx

  5. I love finding an old gem in my closet. That reminds me...I have a super cute skirt from Joe in my closet now, and I haven't worn it yet. Outfit idea for tomorrow??

    My style is casual as well, so if it were me, I'd feel like a "casual Friday" look wouldn't be too different from the rest of my outfits.

    Food posts are always fun, but ultimately, who cares what we think - write about whatever you want and we'll come back to read :)

    xo Jackie
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