shopping bikinis with Swimco

bikini top: maaji swimwear c/o: swimco (this style is sold out but similar here) // cardigan: oak + fort // shorts: vintage levis // sunglasses: ray-ban

Confession: I am obsessed with bikinis!
One can say the obsession started when I met my boyfriend almost 6 years ago (woah I cannot believe it's been that long!). I say this because he's from Barbados and they live and breathe being on the beach so I quickly realized I needed to be quite familiar with wearing a bathing suit!

Over the years I've also started to realize quality over quantity when it comes to fit. I used to buy the cheapest possible bathing suit but then quickly noticed that I was never really confident wearing them since they didn't fit my body properly.

When Swimco contacted me to try out their new online store I jumped at the chance because they have a lot more brands that I'm not so familiar with and it's always fun to try out new products. When I was browsing, this top by Maaij immediately caught my eye for the fun pattern! When I received it (which was super quick btw!) it was even more beautiful in person. It's so unique and different from most bikinis I have. The Swimco team was so helpful too, I had a slight issue processing my order (laptop wasn't my friend that night) and I almost instantly received an email from customer service asking if I needed any help. It's so helpful and refreshing having customer service quickly reply and personally as well. What I also love? Swimco is a Canadian company based out of Calgary!

Swimco's slogan is "feel good half naked!" and although it was a bit out of my element to post outfit photos in slightly less clothing than usual, I truly felt confident in my own skin. When you feel good half naked it shows! My boyfriend told me he's never seen me as confident in a bikini as I was in this one!

if you're ever looking for a bathing suit for your next vacay I highly recommend Swimco! They have a bathing suit for any body need!

Happy Friday!

ps. Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! Enjoy your long weekend! xo


  1. Girl, you look amazing! I love the bikini top - the print & colors are so, so fun and I love how the top looks so molded & like it would keep everything in tact! ;) Super cute!

  2. That bathing suit is so cute! I can see why you were drawn to the print! I also used to buy the cheapest bathing suits possible, but never felt truly confident in them! Nothing that is tied by string works on me! However, I noticed that H&M sells bathing suits with cup sizes and I finally found something that works on me this year! I'll definitely have to take a look at the Swimco website - it's so cool that they're Canadian!!

  3. Gorgeous! You look amazing bud, and I love the print on that bikini top — holy chic! xx

  4. You look gorgeous in that top! xoxo

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