stampeding with old navy

dress & booties: c/o old navy // sunglasses: ray-ban // belt: UO

As promised, here is my second Stampede-style look wearing Old Navy!
As I was shopping for my looks, This dress was tucked away behind some others and I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was. It's made of a really good fabric and looks way more expensive than it actually was (I believe it was under $40).  Old Navy constantly surprises me with their super cute pieces, I cannot get enough! This dress can be worn dressed up or down and it looks great with a pair of boots. My girl Becky and I apparently have the same taste as we picked out exactly the same outfit!

As a newcomer to Calgary and this being the first Stampede I've been a resident for, it's so fun to see how everyone is wearing cowboy boots, hats & big belt buckles and it's completely normal! No one even looks twice! This Ontario girl is in a state of culture shock.
The city also has a certain energy too, everyone seems so happy like they're just on a long vacation! Later tonight I'll finally be able to go to the grounds and watch the Grand Stand Show. I haven't been feeling the best lately and work has been so busy that I haven't been able to truly enjoy myself over these past few days so I'm really excited to finally put my boots on and have some fun!

Other great Old Navy dresses I love...


  1. I love that dress on you! It definitely looks more expensive than it is - I would have guessed it to be a Milly dress! Too bad it's sold out online or I would have gotten it with my gift certificate ;) You're looking amazing Melanie! :)

    Bold Subtlety

  2. So cute and pretty

  3. Melanie, I totally love the lighting in these photos. So pretty. This is such a great look. Love the pattern!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  4. That dress looks fantastic on you! I love when Old Navy surprises me with awesome finds like this one. It looks like it cost a lot more than $40, but more importantly, it's just a really cute dress!

    I've never been to the Stampede, but even though I'm an Ontario girl, I LOVE Country music and all the fun stuff that goes with it, so I NEED to get out there one of these years!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  5. My love for white & blue combos seems to be growing as the summer goes on! This dress is super pretty!

  6. pretty :)


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