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vest: zara (recent) // shirt: c/o: joe fresh (red version here) // jeans: citizens of humanity // boots: zara // watch: c/o: daniel wellington // sunglasses: ray-ban 

Do you see the white stuff in the background? Yeah that's snow!
I have mixed feelings about it, in a way it's so pretty but in another way its SO cold! oh well that's Canada for you!

Anyways, if you follow me on Instagram you'd see that I just starting going back to the gym! I used to go all the time and I don't know why I stopped but life got in the way. My job requires me to be there very early and being the night owl that I am, it's super hard for me! I had/have this nasty habit of going to bed late, waking up early and surviving for eight hours and then coming home and napping. I wake up make dinner and then do it all over again. I started to realize how tired I was and how weak I was becoming and I just really didn't like the path I was going down. It's no excuse but I realized a few days ago that I needed to make a change. I'm just so tired of having no energy and looking tired all the time. I'm proud to say that yesterday was my first day back and although I'm VERY sore, it's a good sore!! I'm excited to make time for myself again and forcing myself to go and becoming a healthier me!

With that being said, do any of you have any good work out plans? I basically want to look super good in two months (NBD) as I will need to be wearing a bikini really soon :) I'm a pretty healthy eater but obviously I'll need to cut a few things out! 

Have any of you been in a workout rut? How do you get out of it? I'd love to know.
We can motivate each other! I'm hoping to go at least 3 times a week.. lets do this!


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  2. I had the same issue until about 6 months ago (although it was more due to stress & a heavy work travel schedule). I still travel a lot, but I make a point to work out both Saturday and Sunday and plan a day/night or two that look lightest during the week. I put it on my calendar so I'm committed to it and make sure to get changed into gym clothes before that scheduled time. It's amazing how much difference it has made!

    Xo, Ava

  3. First of all, awesome outfit. Obvs.

    Second, I am so with you on this issue with personal fitness. I was doing really well at going to the gym regularly and then life got in the way. I have a long commute and a habit of going to bed too late, so I'm just way too tired, which makes me unmotivated.

    If you have any tips for how to stay on track, I'd love to share in the motivation!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  4. This sounds like me exactly a year ago! (Well minus the job thing...just kids..haha)
    I was always sleeping in...then sometimes I'd nap with the kids in the afternoon...and then I'd go to bed, not able to sleep...and do it all over again.
    I came up with a plan to workout 5 or 6 days a week...and set my alarm to get up early so I could do my workouts in the morning, because I knew if I waited till the evening, life would happen (hubby would have to work late, or the kids would be "needy"...blah blah blah). I made it a goal to work out for at least 40 minutes. I started by doing a few different workouts that I'd torn out from magazines...just on the living room floor. In the past year I've slowly build myself my own little gym downstairs...my most used equipment is a kettle bell (this was the first KB workout I did http://www.pinterest.com/pin/100697741641940166/)...I also have resistance bands, a few free weights, TRX Bands and a Treadmill (that was free from a friend, yay!) The night before I'd quickly plan my next days workout, so that I didn't waste time in the morning.
    I thought morning workouts would be a problem for me because I can't function when I'm hungry, and I can't workout on a full stomach...so I'd just have half a glass of chocolate milk, or a few bites from a protein bar first.
    I never thought I'd be a morning person, but on the days I got up and worked out in the morning I had so much more energy and felt so good.
    I think for me I had to create a system so that life couldn't get in the way of me working out. So if my Hubby had to work late, or even early in the morning it didn't matter if I was up before the kids, and got my workout in while they were sleeping. It was all on me, I was the only person who could stop my workout from happening...so getting rid of any excuses was the best thing I did.
    I also write keep track of my workouts in a daytimer, I'll just write something simple like "40mins Arms and Abs" or (50min Run)...but having it written down holds me accountable, I don't like seeing more than 2 empty days in a week.
    Of course this is all what worked for me, what works for you might be completely different!
    A great fitness blog worth reading is www.pumpsandiron.com. She's awesome!
    There's also lots of good workouts and videos on pinterest (here's my board http://www.pinterest.com/natashajanzen/health-fitness/)
    Sorry for writing so much!! haha

  5. I love your vest!

  6. Girl, I am right there along with you! After doing barely anything active this past year, I signed back up for a year at the gym and am so excited to get back at it! Tired of my ill-fitting clothes and that awful lethargic feeling! I'm mostly going to be doing classes I think - I got sick of them after a while and that's why I left the gym to do yoga and then tried to do my own workouts but I'm looking forward to the structure and variety of the classes! Let's DO THIS! ;)

  7. Love the plaid! We are wearing the same shirt in our posts, just different colors ; ) That's great you've started working out again! Have you tried barre? Barre Body Studio in Calgary is great! I teach at the one in Edmonton and it's a lot of fun and you see results right away. The hour fly's by and the music really pumps you up.

  8. Getting out of those workout ruts can be hard - I am definitely not a morning person but find that I either need to workout before work or as soon as I get home in the evening (packing snacks for the late afternoon helps) or else it doesn't happen for me! Thanks for motivating me, I think i'll be hitting the gym when I get home today ;) XO, D


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