my kind of office wear

coat: h&m // blouse: c/o joe fresh (old) // pants: zara (recent) // boots: winners // sunglasses: mink pink // watch: michael kors 

The other day when I was meeting my man downtown, I started to get kinda jealous of all the business people wearing their office-y clothes. I absolutely love dressing up but sadly I don't get to do it often. I work in HR but I have the luxury of working in a pretty casual environment so it's rare that I wear something dressy. On this particular day, I was inspired by all the 9-5 downtown workers and decided to step it up a bit. 

I'm a sucker for a great print and when I saw these pants at Zara (aka: the deadliest place ever!) I knew they had my name all over them. They're so classic yet modern and I couldn't wait to wear them! I think you can dress them up or down and the versatility is something I'm down with!

I'm curious, do you have an office job where you can dress up? Or do you have an office job with a relaxed dress code? I'd love to know! 


  1. I love this look Melanie! So chic! I work in a business-casual environment so I don't have to dress super-fancy but jeans are definitely frowned upon ; )

  2. I am LOVING those pants - this whole look is awesome, head to toe! xo

  3. My office is very casual, but it's the type of place that you CAN dress up if you want to. I do have meetings with clients sometimes, and since they're located in the downtown core of Toronto, it's always the perfect excuse to get a bit nicer.

    BUT....I don't think I'd want to be that dressy everyday. I love the flexible, casual environment of my office!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  4. I love your blouse

  5. My office is business casual, but no jeans! I still like to dress up sometimes...just for fun. I LOVE those pants.

  6. This is such a great look. I love the mix of black and white but I also loved that you weren't afraid to add a printed pants to the mix. And that bold black stripe going down the side makes these pants even more chic. Love the style, love the mix.

    xo, jackie

  7. You look amazing in this black & white look; dressing up might have to become a habit... ;)

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