the year of the scarf

sweater: joe fresh (old) // jeans: zara // scarf: joe fresh // boots: zara // bag: roots // watch: michael kors // sunglasses: ray-ban 

I feel like it's the year of the scarf. 
Seriously though, scarves are always a winter staple but for some reason they're really big this year in particular. Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram they're everywhere! Joe Fresh has such a great selection that they make it really hard to leave with just one. I've accumulated quite the collection this year and I left with this one since it reminded me a little of the Zara one I missed out on last year and knew it was kinda meant to be! 
In other news, as I'm typing this it's midnight and I just got back from the movies and I work SUPER early. Why do I do this to myself all the time? I can't help it, I'm 100% a night owl. Any of you like me? How can I get myself in a routine to go to bed early? I'd love some pointers (Going to a 9:30 movie probably doesn't help hhaha) 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

p.s If you're wondering what movie I saw it was Penguins of Madagascar. Yes,  fun fact: I LOVE kid movies and thankfully so does my boyfriend. I am happy to say I laughed the entire time! It was just what I needed for a start of a busy work week. 

Other scarves I love...

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