feeling cozy

sweater: gap (recent & on sale!) // jeans: gap // boots: h&m // bag: marc by marc jacobs (other colours below) // watch: michael kors 

Please forgive me if this post has any errors of any kind! It's currently almost 2 am as I'm typing this and I'm completely exhausted. 

I don't work tomorrow so I went to go to see the Theory of Everything (which was amazing btw and made my crush on Eddie Redmayne stronger haha) fast forward a few hours later and I realized I wasn't completely done my blog post...the struggle is real my friends. 

This sweater was a Christmas present and I can't tell you how much I love it! When you live somewhere very cold for most of the year you start to really appreciate anything that keeps you toasty and stylish! The first time I wore it I got so many compliments and each person was pretty surprised it was from Gap! It's so hard for me to go in there and not get anything! The sales are out of this world and luckily for you this one is on sale!

Have any of you seen the Theory of Everything? I cried as usual. It was just so good, I'm hoping Eddie keeps on winning awards for it because he definitely deserves it! 


  1. I'm horrible with grammar (my sister spell-checks all my posts) so even if there are mistakes in this post, I wouldn't know. lol. That sweater is so cute! And yay for it being warm too!


  2. Not gonna lie, my mom tells me when I have grammatical errors in my posts too. Most of the time, I'm running on way too little sleep when I'm writing.

    Gap always has the coziest sweaters. Hope you're keeping warm today!

    Something About That

  3. Love this cozy look - and I have bag envy! :) Xo,D

  4. Nice sweater :)


  5. You always look so pretty xoxo



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